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What is this Charge for?

Hello, you are probably here because you found a charge on your credit card and are wondering where it came from. Here we will attempt to solve the mystery.

What is ItsHD?

PushPlay is an online movie streaming service which entertains hundreds of thousands of people monthly.

Why are you charging us?

ItsHD charges a monthly fee for access to our site where you can watch movies online.

Doesn't ring a bell?

You may want to ask around your home and see if someone in your household signed up. 95% of the time someone else at home signed up. We can tell you exactly what was signed up for on what date and time.

How do I cancel my account?

Easy, click here to cancel.

Can we get a refund?

Charges are non-refundable, but once you cancel you will never be charged again. We don't have long-term contracts, lock-in, or signup fees. Just pay as you go and cancel when you're done.

Can I see my Order Details?

You can see your order details by providing your email / password OR the first 6 and last 4 digits of your credit card number:




First 6 CC digits

Last 4 CC digits

Any further questions?

You can visit our help section for more information.

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